This was our sixth visit to Da Terra and if I’m honest it was our best experience yet. The food has been taken to a whole new level. The title of some of the dishes may sound the same but they have been redesigned to bring out even more flavours in the food and along with the new style of presentation they were a winner all round. When you put these together with the new dishes there was only going to be one outcome which was a stunning afternoon dining experience.

Well if they call this the merry month of May then I have to say that as far as desserts go it certainly was. It’s been amazing to have hospitality back and I can honestly say that the desserts your about to see were amazing. So get ready to feast your eyes on some absolute delights.

This was another great visit to my favourite Indian restaurant not only in Hornchurch but in Essex itself. The Punjabi style of cooking is really what appeals to us because it’s a different style to any other restaurant in the area. This is why we try to visit as often as possible.

I wonder what more I can say about this restaurant but when you keep going back you find it’s quite easy. This was our fifteenth visit and once again the food , wine , cocktails and service was nothing short of impeccable. The standard they have set from day one has just been outstanding which has led them to earn the highest accolade of Three Michelin Stars.

It was great to be back and support one of my favourite local restaurants Da Vinci’s and enjoy a fabulous lunch. The food from chef/owner Craig is always cooked to a high standard and is matched by good friendly service. We arrived on sunday and received a friendly welcome before being shown to our table. Once seated it was nice of Craig to come over for a quick chat and welcome us back to the restaurant. We then looked at the menus where there was a choice of the main menu , sunday roasts & specials.

It’s been a long time waiting for hospitality to reopen but once it did there was really only one place where could choose to begin. This was with my great friends at Haywards in Epping. We’ve been here over one hundred and thirty times now and after today’s fabulous lunch I see no reason why we wouldn’t return many more times in the future.

As it was now time for the hospitality industry to once again open it’s doors we decided to enjoy a last cook at home from The Dishpatch. On this occasion we opted for a Thai feast from Som Saa a place we’ve unfortunately not had the chance to visit yet. But I can honestly say that after enjoying their amazing food today it won’t be very long before we do.

I only heard about Native when a good friend of mine was going to be at their restaurant in Essex but when we said that we would come and visit it turned out that she had already moved to the new restaurant in mayfair. So with this we looked into the type food they did and I have to say it really appealed as it was all about sustainability , foraging & zero waste so a very different style to what we were used to. A decision was then made and we decided to book ourselves in for saturday.

The Greyhound Pub in Beaconsfield really has become one of my favourite places and based on saturday’s visit it doesn’t take much to understand why. The food , drinks & service was once again of the highest order which is why we think making the hour long trip from east to west is totally worth it. On this occasion we would be outside where they had created a fabulous dining area in their garden.