As we enter the next stage out of lockdown I just felt the need to say a little thanks to a few local businesses for their efforts in recent weeks which have kept us going through these difficult times.

Le Moulin Patisserie

This place is a real hub for the community and who serve the most amazing cakes , pastries , breads & coffee. There is always a friendly welcome from Helene , Serge and all the team which does tend to brighten your day. So if your in town I absolutely recommend popping in.

Hop Inn Hornchurch

As we’ve all had to do our drinking at home there’s no better place to purchase some fantastic craft beers , wines , sherry & cider than at the Hop Inn. A warm welcome awaits from Phil , Alison & Andrew and now with the addition of the Hop Shop there’s even more reason to pop along especially as the knowledge about all the drinks on offer is amazing.

Da Vinci’s Hornchurch

This is a fabulous Italian restaurant who have kept the community going with takeaway , delivery , pizza kits. This is in addition to a fantastic Sunday Roast which was simply one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of eating. Craig and his team really have done a fantastic job and I can’t wait for May so that I can dine in the restaurant again.

Pink Foodie

This is a relatively new business who produce amazing global cuisine for takeaway and delivery. Chef Megha is very talented and the quality of her food is incredible. The rice bowls , dumplings , bao buns , desserts & vegan dishes are absolutely delicious and I would highly recommend placing an order.

I’m very grateful to these places for making lockdown that bit easier and am looking for to being able to take a seat in all these establishments in the near future.

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by Fusa Sushi asking me if I would like to try their food. This was something I was very pleased to do especially when firstly they were a fairly new business and secondly they were in essex. Once I’d looked at their menu’s which consisted of sushi , sashimi and maki rolls etc. a style of cuisine that I really enjoy I couldn’t wait to place an order. We decided to order the Subrashi Okasan menu priced at £58 for two people plus as they offered us a little discount we ordered an extra item of maki rolls.

Mixed Roast at Da Vinci’s

As takeaway Sunday roasts go you will have to go a long way to beat this beauty of a mixed roast from Da Vinci’s in Hornchurch. The beef was nicely pink , the turkey & pork were very tender and delicious. All the veg was perfectly cooked and the roast potatoes along with the yorkshire’s were a delight.

Although it was only a month ago when I first enjoyed the fabulous global cuisine from Pink Foodie I just felt I had to tell about my delightful yet surprising experience on this occasion. The reason I say this is because I’m not a vegan but I’m always willing to try different things. So therefore as were once again enjoying the food from Pink Foodie and the extremely talented chef Megha Arora I wanted to focus this review on the three amazing vegan dishes that I ordered

So into March we go and another fabulous selection of desserts for you to enjoy.

This was yet another amazing dining experience enjoyed in the comfort of our own home. A couple of months ago we ordered Core at Home for the first time and it was absolutely fabulous. This led us to want to order it again and to no surprise it was equally as memorable. The menu this time was very much dedicated to spring as the courses included turbot and chicken as well as the famous potato dish. We received our video of Clare on the friday which guides you through the cooking and plating of each dish on the menu.

We had hoped by now to have visited the Princess of Shoreditch where Ruth is the head chef but due to the ongoing Covid situation that we’re in this has not been possible. So therefore we was delighted when she had joined Finish & Feast and created a delightful three course Cook at Home menu. With delight we headed straight away to their website and placed an order. This was also to be our first time using Finish & Feast so was also interested to see if they were as good as other delivery services that we’ve used. I’m now pleased to say that despite a slight delay with the delivery which with great customer service was sorted immediately they were. The parcel arrived on the friday in good condition and inside the packaging was excellent.

This has to be one of the best takeaways I’ve had in a long time. It all came about when a leaflet came through the door and let’s be honest most of the time we just throw them away. But this one caught my eye. Firstly because the food was of a different style to anything locally. Secondly was that the chef Megha Arora had a background of working in Michelin Star restaurants around the world. Finally it was great that they were also only a five minute drive away.

Roast Lamb at Haywards

This was another fabulous takeaway Sunday roast from my good friends at Haywards restaurant in Epping. On this occasion the roast was Lamb Rump , Braised Lamb Shoulder with carrots , cabbage & roast potatoes. Once we got it home it just had to be warmed through in the microwave or oven and if you stick to the instructions provided the result is a delight