The Core Bar

The Core Bar is another great reason to visit Core by Clare Smyth where you’ll not only be in for an amazing dining experience but is also a great place enjoy a pre Lunch or Dinner drink where you can take the opportunity to try one of the amazing cocktails created by Head Barman Ale Villa. So on saturday and just like our previous visits we arrived early to sample another of Ale’s creations and once again they were a delight. My choice was a very interesting sounding Tequila & Sweet Peas topped with a Mint Leaf and was an absolute treat. My wife decided to choose a delightful Champagne & Lemon Verbena and which was also a real pleasure. These were two excellent additions to the fantastic and creative cocktails that we’ve enjoyed in the past and look forward to again in the future. It’s also a pleasure to sit at the bar and chat to Ale who’s not only a nice person but so passionate about the cocktails he creates.

Tequila & Sweet Peas

Champagne & Lemon Verbena

So if your visiting Core in the future do arrive a bit early and enjoy a fabulous cocktail I would highly recommend it.

#Cocktails #Aperitif

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