Avondale Jonty’s Duck

I had the pleasure of tasting this fantastic wine from South Africa during our Tasting Menu Lunch at Haywards Restaurant in Epping. This Jonty’s Duck 2016 Pekin White was a delight with it’s flavours of lime , pineapple & grapefruit with just a hint of honey on the nose. There was also a light notes of peach on the palate which gave this wine a fabulous freshness and made it a perfect match for our Stone Bass course.

Jonty’s Duck 2016 Pekin White

If you ever come across this this wine I would highly recommend giving it a try.


3 Comments on “Avondale Jonty’s Duck”

  1. Sounds absolutely lovely! I’m South African and maybe a little biased but I love the wines! If you like red, try Delheim, Boschendal or Bellingham they are lovely! I will definitely try and get my hands on the bottle of white you tried!! I studied in Stellenbosch so had the luxury of going wine tasting every Friday! 😝

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