Are you ready to feast your eyes on some amazing desserts. Well you don’t have to wait any longer because hear come some absolute delights from the month of August.


Strawberry , Sorrel , Pistachio at Da Terra

Pistachio Kulfi at Tandoori Lounge

The Macaron = Raspberry , Almond , Mint & Peach Sorbet at The Oxford Blue Pub

Spiced Rice Pudding Creme Brûlée with Greengage Sorbet at Oklava

White Chocolate Cheesecake with Summer Berries at Blacklock Shoreditch

Blackberry , Beetroot , Liquorice & Corn Flower at Kitchen Table (Bubbledogs)

Banana Soufflé with Passionfruit Sorbet & Lime Caramel at Haywards Restaurant

What’s that I hear you say. You would like to see one more. OK then hear it is 😜

Blackcurrant Souffle with Homemade Jam & Blackcurrant Leaf Ice Cream. at The Oxford Blue Pub

Well that’s it another fabulous month of glorious Desserts comes to an end. See you next month for more delights and hopefully some nice ones from Madeira 🤪

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