I certainly wasn’t let down in any way during my week in Madeira as the desserts were absolutely delicious. So here are just a few that I had the pleasure of trying 🤪

Passionfruit Pudding at Restaurante Petiscos

Chocolate Cake at Madmarket

Pumpkin & Coconut Pudding at Restaurante Petiscos

Caramel Cake at Cafe Tofa

Blackcurrant Cheesecake at Mariqueira Splendida

Chocolate Speckled Cake at Madmarket

Chocolate Mousse at Marisqueira Splendida

And you can’t leave without having a Portuguese Tart 😀

Portuguese Tarts at Cafe Mona Lisa

So for me being a dessert lover my week in Madeira proved to be a great success. I look forward to returning one day soon to sample more of these absolute delights. 🤪

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