On Saturday we decided to head off to Southend-on-Sea for a visit to The Pipe of Port as the reviews that I’d read said they had a great wine selection accompanied with good food. So after a nice stroll along the seafront from Westcliff we ended up at Southend high street. Once you reach Southend Central station immediately look to your right and that’s where you’ll find this place. From the outside you get the impression that your entering a warehouse but once through the the door you go downstairs to find a bar with two dining areas. One to the left and then the main dining room to the right with the kitchen at the end.

We started with a drink at the bar and while doing so took a look around and could see exactly what people meant as yes there is a good variety of drinks everywhere from Wine , Craft Beer , Port , Sherry & Spirits. Our table was in a booth in the main dining area and was a little bit snug I have to say which was ok as there were only the two of us. We were then given the choice of two menus one being the main and the other the lunch menu. It’s not a large menu with a small choice in each section of starters , cold platters , meat , fish & vegetarian. There was also a choice of a couple of specials. We started with the Pan Fried Chicken Livers & Chorizo on Toast from the specials and the Marinated Danish Herring with a Creamed Stilton Dressing and both were delicious.

Chicken Livers & Chorizo on Toast

Danish Herring & Stilton Dressing

For our mains we both decided to have a Top Crust Pie which had a good reputation. The first one was again from the specials and sounded very interesting as it was a Venison & Gin Pie which was really good as was the accompanying glass of Malbec The other was the Chicken & Chestnut which was also very good and also paired nicely with a glass of Pinot Noir. The fillings in both pies were full right to the top. We accompanied these with the Pea Casserole & Roasted Roots.

Venison & Gin Pie

Chicken & Chestnut Pie

Pea Casserole

Roasted Roots

It was now time for dessert to which one was the Lemon Meringue Pie and the other was the Cheese Board a nice selection of five cheeses accompanied with a glass of Port.

Lemon Meringue Pie

The Cheese Board

We finished with a coffee to bring to an end a nice lunch. I would say this is a place to try if you are a wine enthusiast as they have an extensive selection. The food I would say is of a gastro pub style with their own distinctive flavours. The staff are also very friendly. Definitely worth a visit if your in area. Just one word of warning though beware of the sawdust it gets everywhere ie we hung our coats on the bar hooks and they still got covered. You will also need to clean your shoes afterwards.


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