Well this certainly was a fabulous month for desserts. So sit back and feast your eyes on these absolute delights 🤪.

Chocolate , miso & orange at The Five Fields ⭐️

Eskimo Waffle at The Wimpy in Hornchurch

Rhubarb , Gateau Basque & Yoghurt at The Frog Hoxton

Lemon Meringue Pie at Rubino Kitchen

Apple , koji & almond at The Frog Hoxton

Apple Pie , custard ice cream & apple butterscotch at Cornerstone Hackney

Chocolate , lemon & raspberry at Haywards

Lemon Meringue Pavlova at Cornerstone Hackney

Orange , armagnac & almond at Haywards

White Chocolate & Mango Torte & solero ice cream at Cornerstone Hackney

Well there you are a truly fabulous month of stunning desserts

See you again in March 🤪

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