This was a fabulous weekend where we got to spend time at three of our favourite places. We started on Saturday when we headed to Epping to have lunch with our great friends Haywards Restaurant and we were in for an absolute treat. Chef Patron Jahdre treated us to a fantastic Surprise Tasting Menu full of New dishes that had either just been put on the various menus or would soon will be. I have to say that once again the food was amazing so therefore it’s not hard to understand why I’m such a frequent diner here.

Now we move onto Sunday where we started with lunchtime drinks at the Hop Inn a great little micro pub in Hornchurch. It really is a pleasure to enjoy one or two of the many great local beers , ciders , wine & gins along with some delightful snacks. All this can be enjoyed along with other locals who create a nice friendly atmosphere.

To finish the weekend we headed into the centre of Hornchurch where we got to enjoy another great visit to the Tandoori Lounge. This place I personally think is the best Indian in Essex. Their Punjabi style cuisine is absolutely fantastic and along with the friendly service to me is a must visit.

So there you have a great weekend comes to an end. I would highly recommend a visit to any of these three places and firmly believe you will not be disappointed. I’m definitely already looking forward to many more visits to each of these locations in the future.

6 Comments on “My Essex Food and Drink Weekend”

  1. This sounds like food heaven! The food from the Tandoori Lounge looks absolutely delicious!

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