I would like to pay a special tribute to this amazing patisserie in my hometown of Hornchurch. They have for the last month been working so hard during these tough times to be able to provide their usual excellent service for the local community. Also due to the current situation are having to do this with a minimal amount of staff.

This patisserie I personally think is the best in Essex and it’s not hard to see why. Managed by Helene & Serge you always receive the friendliest of welcome and along with their amazing team they produce the finest Cakes , Pastries , Breads , Coffee , Tea & Sandwiches that will be hard to beat anywhere.

So now as things have had to change they are still here for you. Therefore my advice is that when your taking your daily exercise please include a trip into town and pop in even if it’s just for a takeaway coffee. I’m sure it will brighten your day and make them feel like it’s all worthwhile being open. If you are unable to get out then just pick up the phone and as long as your not to far away they will deliver to your doorstep.

What you will now see below are some pics of the fantastic delights they produce which I hope will inspire you to either pop in or give them a call.

This is a local business who are providing an excellent service so therefore need your support not only during these times but also when things are back to normal.

#StaySafe #SupportYourLocalBusiness

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