After driving past this place hundreds of times last sunday we decided to finally pay a visit to Micky’s Seafood. This was due to the fact we were thinking about having a seafood platter for our upcoming anniversary. But when we popped in it was like watching two kids in a sweet shop. We first had a nice chat with Mick before looking at all the amazing produce and an instant decision was made about what we’d be having for lunch that day. The selection of fish and seafood on offer is stunning ranging from Swordfish , Tuna , Mackerel , Lobster , Crab , Prawns , Roll Mops , Mussels , Crayfish etc etc. We chose a fabulous selection then nipped next door to get some bread before heading home. The result I have to say was fabulous as everything was so fresh and tasted amazing.

Sunday’s Seafood ( crab , roll mops , lobster , chilean mussels and a seafood mix )

So our decision for what to have yesterday was simple as we new we had to head back and sample more of what they had to offer. The outcome was once again stunning and will therefore come as no surprise when I tell you that I’ll not keep driving past but will be popping in many times in the future.

Saturday’s Seafood ( swordfish , tuna , crayfish , crab , roll mops , scallops , prawns )

So if your a lover of the finest fish and seafood then I would highly recommend a visit. Mick is a nice man who will also advise on any cooking preparation of the produce.

So don’t delay stop by today 🐟🦐🦀🦞

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