Well what can I say as in the Month of August I had the pleasure of enjoying a mammoth amount of mouthwatering desserts. So pour yourself a cup of tea then sit back and feast your eyes on this amazing selection. Don’t lose count as there’s 20 of them 🤪

Sorrel , Ollo’s Strawberries & Condensed Milk at Da Terra in Bethnal Green

Spiced Apple & Cider Cake made by my good friend Gail Chapman

Strawberry Pavlova at Grain in Colchester

Dark Chocolate Delice at Grain in Colchester

Apple Crumble Souffle at Haywards Restaurant in Epping

Chocolate , Pear & Hazelnut at Haywards Restaurant in Epping

Summer Berries Pavlova at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea

Pistachio Kulfi at Tandoori Lounge in Hornchurch

Chocolate Caprese Cake at Prelibato in Beaconsfield

Tartufo Bianco at Prelibato in Beaconsfield

Oreo Sundae at The Swan Pub in Beaconsfield

White Chocolate , Raspberry & Cardamom at The Greyhound Pub in Beaconsfield

Cambridge Cream at The Artichoke in Amersham

Oakchurch Raspberries at The Artichoke in Amersham

Tiramisu at Da Vinci’s in Hornchurch

Torte Della Nonna at Da Vinci’s in Hornchurch

Chocolate Brownie at The Crown Inn in Elsenham

My Birthday Tarte Tatin from Le Moulin Patisserie in Hornchurch

The Fig Leaf at The Five Fields in Chelsea

Lemon Posset & Sticky Toffee Pudding at West Street Vineyard in Coggeshall

Well that’s it I’m afraid 😂😂 Hope you enjoyed and see you again in September


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