This month’s selection of mouthwatering desserts is all down to fabulous restaurants and their takeaway and Cook at Home services. Each dish is simply designed to be removed from the fridge and plated. So until the Hospitality Industry opens up again why not treat yourself to restaurant quality desserts in your own home. Here are the heavenly desserts I’ve enjoyed in February.

Bebinca from Mr Todiwala at Home

Valentines Cake from Le Moulin Patisserie

Velvet Heart from Da Vinci’s Hornchurch

White Chocolate Cheesecake from Blacklock at Home

Chocolate Brownie from Da Vinci’s Hornchurch

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries from Haywards Restaurant

Apple Tarte Tatin from Hame by Adam Handling

Bread & Butter Pudding from Haywards Restaurant

I hoped you enjoyed these absolute delights and look forward to sharing a few more in the month of March. See you then 🤪

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