Get ready to feast your eyes on another fabulous month of desserts from Michelin Star restaurants to my hometown of Hornchurch. So here come a Magnificent Seven. I hope you enjoy because I certainly did 😁.

Are you ready for a Greek fest because the majority of this months desserts come from my holiday in Skiathos. But do watch out for my favourite dessert the year so far at the end by the amazing Ami Ellis.

Are you ready for another month of dessert delights. Well get your eyes ready because here they come. So that’s it for June but wait until you see July’s as you’ll be in for some Greek treats as we’re of on holiday to Skiathos .

This was a quieter month on the dessert front but I still got to enjoy some absolute delights.

Are you ready then here is an amazing feast of desserts from April.

So here we go again with another month of fabulous desserts for you to enjoy.

Here comes another month of fabulous desserts including a couple of winners from #TheLloydies2021

Well I hope you all day a good Xmas and new year but now it’s time to get back on the dessert trail. So here are some fabulous delights from the month of January.

So we’ve come to the end of another glorious year of fabulous desserts and I’m pleased to say that the month of December didn’t disappoint in the slightest. So sit back and enjoy these absolute delights which will obviously include some festive treats. Well that’s I’m afraid and another fantastic year of desserts comes to …