Hello All well here we go again with another amazing month of desserts. I hope you enjoy these delicious treats from the month of November.

Who’s ready for another month of fabulous desserts. Well take a look at these delicious treats from October.

So another month goes by and the desserts just keep on coming. Here are the beauties I enjoyed in the month of September. Hope you enjoy them 😁

It’s that time again when I reveal the delightful desserts I’ve enjoyed throughout the month. So here my delights from August and watch out for some birthday treats at the end 🥳

We’ll what can I say about July other than it’s been a blockbuster month of absolutely delicious desserts. So sit back and feast your eyes on the vast array of delectable delights.

Desserts of June

Are you ready to feast your eyes on some amazing desserts then these delights I enjoyed in the month of June should suit you perfectly. So take a seat because here they come 🤪.

Well if they call this the merry month of May then I have to say that as far as desserts go it certainly was. It’s been amazing to have hospitality back and I can honestly say that the desserts your about to see were amazing. So get ready to feast your eyes on some absolute …

So into April we go and thanks to my local patisserie along with hospitality allowed to open for outside dining this turned out to be another fabulous month of delicious desserts. So take a seat and feast your eyes on the delights.

So into March we go and another fabulous selection of desserts for you to enjoy.