This month’s selection of mouthwatering desserts is all down to fabulous restaurants and their takeaway and Cook at Home services. Each dish is simply designed to be removed from the fridge and plated. So until the Hospitality Industry opens up again why not treat yourself to restaurant quality desserts in your own home.

We begin the year still in tough times and not being able to dine out in my favourite restaurants. But nothing will stop me enjoying some fabulous desserts. So here are the few delights I’ve managed to enjoy in the month of January.

So here we go with the final glorious desserts of the year and despite all what’s happened I’ve still been lucky enough to have enjoyed a fabulous month of absolute delights

This month’s desserts are from my hometown of Hornchurch where just before lockdown I enjoyed a delight from Greenwoods Kitchen. The rest come from my favourite patisserie Le Moulin who once again kept me going and there is even a special celebration cake that we absolutely loved.

Here we go again then with another amazing selection of desserts that I had the pleasure to indulge myself in. I hope you like what you see 🤪

Right here we go then with another fabulous selection of amazing desserts . I’m sur you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed eating them. Chocolate , Buttermilk , Tarragon , Lemon at Helene Darroze at the Connaught Creme Caramel , blackberry jam , poached pear at Cornerstone Raspberry , pumpkin seed , …

Well what can I say as in the Month of August I had the pleasure of enjoying a mammoth amount of mouthwatering desserts. So pour yourself a cup of tea then sit back and feast your eyes on this amazing selection. Don’t lose count as there’s 20 of them 🤪

So with the hospitality industry open again my monthly desserts are back to normal. I’m therefore very delighted to share with you all these absolutely amazing feasts I’ve enjoyed in the month of July.

Desserts of June

I’m going to dedicate this month to a couple of special cakes made for me by my favourite patisserie Le Moulin in Hornchurch. The first was a request by myself as I wanted them to make me one of my favourite desserts an Apple Tarte Tatin. They were more than happy to oblige and I’m …