Well this certainly was a fabulous month for desserts. So sit back and feast your eyes on these absolute delights 🤪.

This was our sixth visit to Cornerstone a place where we’ve always enjoyed some amazing fish , fabulous desserts and received very friendly service. Well I can tell you right here and now that the bar has definitely been raised to a new level. The fish & dessert dishes were still absolutely fantastic with even more amazing flavour but what really stood out was the service. There seemed to be a few more staff who were now dressed in a casual uniform that allowed them to concentrate more on the attention on detail to the diner. This I thought made it a more professional service without taking anything away from the friendliness that had always been there in the past.

Rushbrooke Arms

The Ultimate Roast Beef at Rushbrooke Arms in Bury St Edmunds

Roast Rating. 7.4/10

Haywards Restaurant

Pork Rump , Pork Belly & Pork Cheek Roast at Haywards in Epping

Roast Rating. 7.8/10

Valentines Lunch at Rubino Kitchen

We last visited Rubino just under a year ago and enjoyed a fabulous tasting menu lunch so was therefore was keen to return once again. The restaurant itself is located on Chigborough Farm and only a ten minute drive from Maldon town centre.

Our previous three visits have always left us wanting to return as soon as possible. This is due to the very creative food by Head Chef Jamie and his team and the excellent service led by Restaurant Manager George. All this in a place that has a hip and trendy atmosphere that gives you a great feel as soon as you walk in.

This was a fantastic way to start my 2020 Michelin Star Foodie Year as the food , wine and service was excellent. Our previous three visits had all been in the evening for dinner which made it a very long day when your going straight from work and then travelling back to Essex afterwards. So when we heard that the restaurant would first be changing their days to include Saturday and then to enhance our delight to start opening for lunch on Thursday , Friday and Saturday we couldn’t wait to visit again.

Happy New Year to you all and I’m looking forward to another fantastic year of delicious desserts. So let’s get going with these delights from January.

Da Vinci’s

ROAST TURKEY at Da Vinci’s in Hornchurch

Roast Rating 7/10