So here we go again with another month of fabulous desserts for you to enjoy.

This is one of our regular and favourite restaurants to visit not just in our hometown of Hornchurch but in the whole of Essex. We always enjoy great food from chef / owner Craig as well as excellent service from manager Giovanni. But I have to say that our latest visit on sunday was easily one of the best.

This is a great local Thai restaurant that unfortunately we don’t get to visit us much as we would like. It’s been an established part of my hometown of Hornchurch for many years serving fantastic thai cuisine. I’m now glad to say that on saturday we did have a chance to visit and once again the food was full of all the flavours you come to expect from this style of food.

It was so good to be back at Theo Randall at the Intercontinental where we would enjoy another fabulous evening of the finest Italian food and wine. When we finally made our first visit back in October last year we had such an amazing dining experience that simply made us want to come back as soon as possible.

It was great to be back at Rubino Kitchen which is now in it’s fabulous new location of Inworth , Colchester. The accessibility is the first improvement as it’s only a short five minute drive from junction 23 on the A12. Secondly if our lunch on saturday was anything to go by then the food and service has definitely been raised to the next level from their days at Chigborough Farm in Maldon.

It was great to be back at Kerridge’s which is one of our favourite places and once again we enjoyed another fabulous lunch. There’s always such a good friendly atmosphere which makes you feel that you are in an enormous pub. You also get the chance to enjoy fantastic food and drinks so really why wouldn’t you come back as many times as you can.

Here comes another month of fabulous desserts including a couple of winners from #TheLloydies2021

Over recent years this restaurant has become a real favourite and I have to say that after our latest visit on saturday there’s definitely no reason to think this will change in the future. The Five Fields is set in Blacklands Terrace a quiet little street of the Kings Road in Chelsea. Here you will enter to a beautiful cosy dining room and enjoy a fabulous lunch / dinner with amazing food , great wine and excellent friendly service.

I do like to support local businesses as much as I can. This led to saturday when it gave me great pleasure to head to Epping for a Home Grown Kitchen pop up evening. This event was hosted by Danny Lee and Phoebe Goulding who met when they were employed with the Galvin group. At the moment while they’re in the process making adjustments to their personal lives they’ve decided to host a series of pop up evenings as well as other catering events.