A visit to Helene Darroze has been on my list for quite a while so therefore I was thrilled when I was finally able to dine their on Saturday evening during our weekend stay at Claridges Hotel. After a short walk we arrived at the Connaught Hotel. We made our way to the restaurant reception desk where we received a lovely greeting from Maitre’d Lena who after a little chat escorted us personally into the restaurant

This was our second visit to a Roka restaurant but our first visit to their Mayfair branch. The restaurant is situated on North Audley Street in between Grosvenor Square and Oxford Street. As we entered on Friday you could immediately feel the buzz as there was quite a lively atmosphere. The staff were there to greet you and gave us a nice friendly welcome before escorting us to our table.

This month’s desserts vary from Michelin Star to great old school delights. So sit back put your feet up and get ready because here comes my 10 of the best.

I hope you enjoy 🤪🤪

The last time we visited this establishment was about four years ago under the old name of Fratelli’s which used to be a fantastic Italian restaurant. Then one day things changed and the restaurant was never the same. Recently we saw that the name had changed to Da Vinci and upon reading the reviews which the majority were pretty good we wanted to visit at our earliest opportunity

This was another exceptional dining experience at Core and a perfect way to celebrate my wife’s birthday. This was our 10th visit but for our friends it was the first time they had been to Core and I’m now thrilled to say they loved it as much as we do. On our previous nine visits we’d always chosen to have a Tasting Menu but for the first time yesterday we had A la Carte which gave us the option to pick our favourite dishes.

When it comes to Sunday’s at Haywards they always add the choice of a roast dinner to their A la Carte menu which is either beef , lamb or pork. On this occasion it was the Cote de Beouf which I have to say is one of the finest cuts of meat you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. Therefore you’ll now understand when I tell you it’s one of the best Sunday Roasts ever and when accompanied by amazing starters & desserts makes you are truly in Sunday Lunch heaven.

It was a real pleasure to be back at Da Terra to enjoy another fantastic Tasting Menu lunch. The food , wine & service was once again excellent therefore it came as no surprise to me when they were awarded a Michelin Star in October. There were a couple of new dishes on the menu and also some of the other dishes have had a few little tweaks made which personally elevated them to the next level.

This was our third visit to Suvlaki which is a fabulous little Greek restaurant set in the heart of Brick Lane in Shoreditch. We was really excited about this particular visit as we were going to be meeting the restaurant owner Irene Margariti who wanted our opinion on the New dishes that have just been added to the menu.

I returned once more to my great friends at Haywards. But this visit was to see one of their Cooking Demonstrations where they will demonstrate how to make one of their newest dishes on the menu. They have these days about three times a year and are really worth looking out for as you can then see how much work goes into creating the fabulous plates of food that are presented to you when you come for lunch/dinner.