The Top Oak

The Roast Beef at The Top Oak Gastro Pub

Roast Rating. 7.8/10

The Top Oak

The Mixed Roast at The Top Oak Gastro Pub

Roast Rating 7.9/10

Core Bar

I had the pleasure of enjoying another fabulous cocktail by Head Barman Ale Ville at Core by Clare Smyth on Saturday. This was the Whiskey & Seaweed made with Irish Whiskey , Kelp , Sea Lettuce & Black Cardamom. So next time your dining at Core or even just passing by do pop in and try a fantastic cocktail yourself.

Whiskey & Seaweed

So glad to be able to show support to another local restaurant today as we made a return visit to the Top Oak gastro pub in stapleford abbots. On our previous occasions we’ve enjoyed a great sunday lunch and what we experienced today certainly lived up to our expectations. As we entered the pub you could see that there were definitely fewer tables in the bar area allowing for people to social distance. As well as this there were also hand sanitizer machines conveniently placed around the pub.

Firstly let me say that it was absolutely great to be out in a restaurant again and to support the hospitality industry. I really couldn’t have picked a better place to begin than with a return visit to Core. After enjoying a very quiet journey across london we arrived in Notting Hill to where we took the scenic route down portobello road before arriving at Core. We entered the restaurant and received a fabulous welcome back from the team before immediately using the hand sanitizer machine which has been installed at the front desk. We would then have normally sat at the bar and enjoyed one of Ale’s amazing cocktails but due to the current situation the stools have had to be removed.

It was so good to be in a restaurant again and there was no better way to start than by staying in my hometown of Hornchurch and continue to Support Local businesses by having an Italian sunday lunch at Da Vinci’s. This restaurant really has got its feet but on the ground in the last year which is due to owner Craig and his team. They serve really good Italian food and along with the very friendly service makes this restaurant a great place to visit. Our dining experience this time was equally as good as our previous visits. When we arrived we were given the usual friendly welcome before we were shown to our table. It

I received a nice message during the week from My Paratha who are a relatively new business asking if I would like to sample their food and then give some feedback afterwards. With this I had a quick look at their website to read about who they were and what style of food they did. When I read that they were local Indian ladies who create a different style of Indian cooking from the comfort of their home I was more than happy to do so. So with this it was all arranged for Saturday when they would deliver to us our complimentary lunch. Now about the style of food they do.

During these times that we’re in at the moment I’ve been enjoying some great beers from the Leigh on Sea brewery which I’ve managed to purchase at the Hop Inn Hornchurch. Below are the five that have been a pleasure to try and that I would certainly recommend.

Desserts of June

I’m going to dedicate this month to a couple of special cakes made for me by my favourite patisserie Le Moulin in Hornchurch. The first was a request by myself as I wanted them to make me one of my favourite desserts an Apple Tarte Tatin. They were more than happy to oblige and I’m delighted to say it was absolutely amazing.

This was another fabulous recommendation from my good friend Alison Taffs at the Hop Inn Hornchurch. Her choice this time was a light sparkling cider from Sweden. This Brannland cider was an absolute delight and is made from 100% swedish apples. Firstly on the nose you get the delightful aromas of apple , citrus and a touch of peach