The most fantastic Octopus dish at Ristorante Bagni Delfino in Sorrento

Claridges Hotel 

Always love our annual stays at Claridges and like to pop a couple of times throughout the year to say hello to there amazing staff who never seem to forget you which I find unbelievable but then that’s why it’s such a fantastic 5 Star luxury hotel. So yesterday we went for Afternoon Tea and in true Claridges style it was outstanding. Starting with a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne while we decided which tea to have from the extensive menu . Then the sandwiches arrive and the feast begins we had Two servings ( but you can have more ) then come the cakes and they were the best we’ve ever known from amazing Hazelnut Choix, Passion Fruit Macaroons & Cherry & Dark Chocolate cake these were served alongside the always fantastic homemade Fruit & Plain Scones . The service from every member of staff is just exceptional. To me it’s the best Afternoon Tea set in the the Foyer & Reading Room which is just the most delightful area to enjoy & feel so relaxed and course very full. We followed this by retiring to Claridges Bar for a couple of Gin & Tonic’s while we let our little tummies rest and again the staff in the bar are so friendly making it such a pleasure to visit for a cocktail or two . Look forward to visiting again soon before our yearly stay 

My Amazing March Foodie Month

What a memorable month March was will be hard to beat in the Year ahead and what an amazing way to begin with the most fantastic evening at Daniel Clifford’s Midsummer House stunning food excellent service a truly amazing experience & surely 3 Michelin Stars is on its way Next visit of the month was to Cafe Spice Namaste for a magical Indian extravaganza with such an array of flavours & spices from the amazing Cyrus Todiwala to form a great Tasting Menu The 3rd week of this month was to my favourite restaurant Haywards to sample the New Lunch Menu and as ever the food was once again fantastic inspired by chef Jahdre Hayward with a great selection of wines chosen by wife Amanda looking forward to many more visits this year and a fantastic way to end the month was a return visit to Bethnal Green to dine at the amazing Typing Room under the creativity of talented chef Lee Westcott and the food was excellent as was the matching drinks created by sommelier Fred Marti a mixture of wine & saki so that was the month of March a truly memorable one indeed. Onwards to April and more glorious food watch out each week to see where I go Bye for now

Typing Room 

A great Menu inspired by Lee Westcott with perfectly matched wines from sommelier Fred Marti together with excellent service this was indeed a fantastic dining experience. A lovely friendly welcome and a nice glass of champagne while we looked at the menu and as in previous visits we chose the Tasting Menu but this time we also chose to have matching drinks I say drinks because it was a mixture of wine & saki . After having some delightful snacks came the first highlight the fantastic IPA Sourdough bread with Marmite butter I’ll just say it’s amazing. Then came the first course of Dorset Char an absolute delight this was followed by the signature Cauliflower dish it’s just unbelievable what you can do with this vegetable. This was followed by the highlight of th e Menu of Cod , calpots , chicken & black garlic such a fantastic dish next was the main course of Pork Collar , hospital cabbage & baked apple simply delicious. We then went for the cheese course it was a lovely selection of cheese which was matched with a Plum Saki . Finally dessert of Sheeps yoghurt, apple & dill which finished a truly great meal. All the staff were very friendly & professional making our lunch very memorable & already thinking of returning very soon. I do like the open kitchen and it’s amazing that despite so much going on to produce amazing food the kitchen was so quiet. I would definitely recommend a visit if you like modern food cooked to perfection & some great wine & service 

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Cafe Spice Namaste 

A fantastic Indian meal in east London and so different to your local restaurant here we experienced such an amazing array of stunning Indian flavours and spices that enhanced each dish. On arrival you get a nice friendly greeting then you get to see the menu and believe me you want to order everything as it all sounds fantastic. We in the end decided to go for the Tasting Menu which includes 3 glasses of wine and was also told that it is actually unlimited food so when you say stop they will then serve you Dessert to finish . The one thing is that you don’t know what you get until it arrives which to us was great . We managed to survive 10 courses before surrendering and having Dessert . So it all started with popadoms & dips followed by Samosa , potato cake , fish fingers , a sweet and crunchy rice , duck , chicken , prawns with spinach , salmon and cheese then to curry dishes of chicken and lamb that forced us into submission so we’re then served dessert to finish to which on was a delightful spicy creme brûlée. Most of the dishes were brought to us by our very friendly waitress Martina . I have to say I will definitely recommend a visit and I will be returning soon to sample more of these amazing flavours 

Midsummer House 

Well what can I say other than this was a magical evening and emphasised the reason why this is my favourite Michelin Star restaurant. Such a fantastic warm and friendly welcome on our arrival that made us feel right at home straight away. We were first served a lovely homemade Gin & Tonic which was lovely. We decided to have the 8 Course Tasting Menu to which we were asked if we’d like to see the Menu or be surprised we decided to be surprised. So firstly the Amuse Bouches were a delight before moving to the first course a Pumpkin Veloute then Braised Pork Knuckle & Raclette Cheese simply stunning followed by a fantastic Scallop dish Then came the signature course of Roast Quail with Shallot Purée & Sour Dough simply Devine then came a delightful Monkfish course then I have to say my favourite course which was Venison accompanied by amazing Venison sausage rolls Before Dessert we chose to have a Cheese course and they had the most wonderful Cheese trolley tNow on to my favourite part of any meal Desserts and both were fantastic firstly the Aerated Pear with  Blueberry then the Passion Fruit,Yoghurt Sorbet & Dark chocolate then when you think you can’t eat anymore outcome the treats some amazing Doughnuts and Chocolates I would like to thank the Sommelier for a fantastic selection of matching wines that just went perfectly with every course also to every member of staff who’s service was exceptional. I hope that Midsummer House soon gets 3 Michelin Stars because based on this visit they certainly deserve them. 

February Dining 

Well after a quiet January my dining year took off in February firstly a visit to a fantastic restaurant The Artichoke in Amersham it was an amazing evening with an overnight stay at the Crown Inn Hotel across the road looking forward to returning in June. The following week I tried a New type of cuisine food from the heart of Jerusalem at The Palomar in soho and it was amazing. After a couple of great Sunday Lunches at Haywards we went back to try the new Tasting Menu and as always the food was fantastic and we didn’t have far to travel as we stayed in there B&B The Gate House. So that was February look out for where I’ll be in March as my plans are looking great to me . Happy Dining you can see my reviews of these restaurants on this site

Haywards Restaurant 

A fantastic evening at this great restaurant a real credit to Fine Dining in Epping , Essex. Although I’m a frequent visitor it’s nice for us to go for a Tasting Menu evening which we did last night and the food was yet again amazing and along with the excellent choice of matching Wines plus great service made for a truly amazing evening. We started with a nice selection of snacks and a delicious Amuse Buche before our first course a fantastic Ham Hock Terrine . We then moved on to a delightful Artichoke dish followed by a beautiful Monkfish course the the main course of Duck which was amazing.The desserts were also a delightful experience with a Floating Island and a Rhubarb Dessert. You also have to have a Cheese course with the fine selection of British & Irish cheeses and The to finish a lovely selection of Petit Fours I would like to highly recommend that a visit to Epping to enjoy a fantastic meal and if you don’t feel like driving home they have a pleasant little B&B on the premises. You can also visit the on site pub The Forest Gate Inn a traditional old pub for a nice pre dinner drink

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The Palomar

Had been meaning to visit this restaurant for a while now to try a new type of cuisine from the heart of Jerusalem and I have to say I’m very glad to have done so . It’s a small but very friendly place as you walk in they have a walk in service where you can sit at the counter and watch the chefs work but we were lead through to the dining area at the back which was very nice & cozy. Our waitress Olge was excellent asking us if we’d been before then took us through the menu advising us of how many courses from each section we should order . We started with the RIP & Dip section where we had the most amazing Bread & dips along with Fish Falafel we then had the special of the day which was a lovely dish that included White Crab Meat just Stunning then onto the larger of the sharing menu dishes to which we had the amazing Octo-Hummus and the fantastic Jerusalem Mix with a side order of Josperised Aubergine plus a Fattoush Salad all the dishes have this delicate charcoal,nutty and slightly creamy texture but taste delicious Now on to my favourite course of any meal Dessert and we weren’t let down in anyway we decided to go for the sharing dessert called a Jerusalem Mess which was fantastic but me being me I couldn’t settle for that and when I saw they had a Chocolate Fondue with Peanut Brittle I couldn’t resist and I’m so glad I didn’t it was gorgeous   Definitely looking forward to returning soon and I would highly recommend this restaurant 

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