Apple and Bretagne

When I looked at the menu at Murano and saw that they had an Apple Tarte Tatin as one the desserts I couldn’t have been more pleased. My patience was rewarded because this was one of the best Tarte Tatin’s ever. It was an absolutely delight as the rich flavour of apples on top of the perfectly cooked and slightly crisp pastry was heaven. This was accompanied by a fabulous vanilla ice cream. Now what could make this better

Well as you must surely know I’m a frequent visitor to Haywards in Epping where over the last seven years I’ve enjoyed some excellent food and service. During this time I’m delighted to say that I’ve also become very good friends with owners Jahdre & Amanda. So now as we fly past the one hundred and thirtieth visit mark time it gives me great pleasure to tell you about another fantastic dining experience we enjoyed on friday evening. We arrived to be greeted by recently appointed Restaurant Manager Richard who really is becoming a great asset to the restaurant and assistant Sophie who is improving with every service.

This restaurant always has a special place in my heart as I’m a lover of Italian food & wine. I’m also now very pleased to say that after today’s visit nothing has changed in fact to be honest they’ve only enhanced my passion for Italian even more. We arrived on saturday just a day after the latest government announcement which really is hurting the hospitality industry. Yet this this did nothing to effect the fabulous welcome we received from Laura and the team.

Rump of Beef at The Greyhound

This sunday roast at the Greyhound Pub in Beaconsfield was an absolute treat. The Highland Rump of Beef was a beautiful cut of meat and cooked to perfection. It was accompanied with crispy garlic potatoes , vegetables , yorkshire pudding and a fantastic side order of jerusalem artichokes with blue cheese & almonds. Then topped of with a nice rich gravy.

Roast Lamb at Greenman

On my visit this time to the Greenman I decided to go for the roast lamb which was nicely cooked and came with a good selection of vegetables , roast potatoes , sage & onion stuffing and like with all the roasts here a yorkshire pudding.

Hazelnut and Marmalade

When a stunning dessert meets one of my favourite sweet wines then the rest is history. We were enjoying a fantastic surprise tasting menu at Core by Clare Smyth when it came to dessert. It was then that the Hazelnut Souffle with a Chocolate Sorbet made by talented young chef George arrived and I have to say it was absolutely amazing. But when sommelier Gareth paired this with the Bodegas Bentomiz Ariyanas 2016 I was in dreamland as this is my favourite sweet wine. It’s full of sweetness with flavours of orange , peach , honey that you think your drinking liquid marmalade. So yes this indeed was a match made in heaven.

Hazelnut Soufflé with Chocolate Sorbet

Bodegas Bentomiz 2016 Ariyanas

#SweetWines #Desserts

On our last visit in August we had such a fantastic evening with Daniel , Margriet and all the team that we couldn’t wait to return. We were also very keen to try their sunday lunch menu. So with this in mind we booked a cheeky overnight stay in a local hotel and set off for Beaconsfield. We had a nice little walk around the town before arriving at the Greyhound where we received a fabulous welcome back from all of the team

It’s a rare thing for us to have a local saturday and enjoy some of my favourite places in Hornchurch but this weekend we had that chance. I’m also delighted to say that even in these tough times all the local businesses seemed to be doing well and there was definitely a good atmosphere as we walked around.

This was our thirteenth visit and definitely a dining experience that surpassed all others. We arrived on saturday lunchtime and were greeted by restaurant director Rob as well as Michal , Ale & Kieran. We sanitized our hands before being escorted to the bar to enjoy one of Ale’s fantastic pre lunch cocktails. He had already been preparing a little treat before we ordered a Coffee Negroni and the Gin & Pickle. While enjoying our cocktails it was nice for some members of staff to come and say hello and welcome us back.