Cote de Beouf at Haywards

The Cote de Beouf at Haywards is one of the best Sunday Roasts that you will ever have. The beef is one of the finest cuts of meat and along with the amazing braised Ox Cheek that just bursts with a rich flavour.

We last visited Grain back in January and would have loved to have returned earlier but due to the situation we’ve been in it hasn’t been possible. So therefore we were hugely delighted that we could at last visit yesterday. This is a fabulous little small plates menu restaurant set in Colchester just behind the shops on North Hill road. Of course when we arrived things as we know are a little bit different. The welcome however wasn’t it was just as friendly as before. We were then escorted to our table where they then put down a tray with your cutlery , side plate , glasses for water & napkins on it for you to then lay out yourself.

Riesling and Souffle

This was a fabulous sweet wine & dessert pairing from the team at Kerridge’s Bar and Grill. It was time for dessert and which is something that I can’t resist a so this Raspberry Souffle with Buttermilk Ice Cream & Rose Scented Coulis sounded delicious. I’m also a lover of dessert wines so therefore asked the sommelier for a recommendation.

It was a pleasure to continue my support to the hospitality industry when yesterday I returned once more to Da Terra in Bethnal Green. This I’m glad to say was my fifth time here and although as we know things are a little different at the moment it was just as memorable as our previous visits. We arrived on saturday and received the usual great welcome from Chef Rafael , Manager Charlie and the rest of the team

So with the hospitality industry open again my monthly desserts are back to normal. I’m therefore very delighted to share with you all these absolutely amazing feasts I’ve enjoyed in the month of July.

Roast Beef at Kerridge’s

I wondered if I’d ever find the perfect roast. Then on Sunday with my anticipation set very high we headed of to Kerridge’s Bar & Grill. This was due to the reputation of Michelin Starred Chef Tom Kerridge and the fact that I had enjoyed a fantastic first visit to this restaurant.

Due to the current situation we’ve unfortunately had to wait seven months before we could return to Kerridge’s Bar & Grill. We wanted to come and enjoy a sunday lunch as our previous dining experience in December was amazing. So on sunday that’s exactly what we did. It still feels a bit strange when you walk around london but the small steps we are taking are positive ones. We arrived at the Corinthia Hotel and decided to have a little look around before making our way to the restaurant.

It was good to support another local restaurant today with a long overdue return to Xichlo for some fabulous Vietnamese food. Xichlo is a lovely friendly little cafe in the heart of Hornchurch town centre.

It gave me great pleasure that i was able to continue my support for the hospitality industry and even more so on saturday when I returned to visit my very good friends at Haywards in Epping. It was not only very nice to see everyone again but also to enjoy once more the amazing food created by Chef Patron Jahdre and his team. We arrived on saturday and as we entered received a fabulous welcome back before being escorted to our regular table. The restaurant have made all the changes to make it feel as normal as possible during this current situation.