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Desserts of July

So with the hospitality industry open again my monthly desserts are back to normal. I’m therefore very delighted to share with you all these absolutely amazing feasts I’ve enjoyed in the month of July.

Roast Beef at Kerridge’s

I wondered if I’d ever find the perfect roast. Then on Sunday with my anticipation set very high we headed of to Kerridge’s Bar & Grill. This was due to the reputation of Michelin Starred Chef Tom Kerridge and the fact that I had enjoyed a fantastic first visit to this restaurant.

Kerridge’s Bar and Grill

Due to the current situation we’ve unfortunately had to wait seven months before we could return to Kerridge’s Bar & Grill. We wanted to come and enjoy a sunday lunch as our previous dining experience in December was amazing. So on sunday that’s exactly what we did. It still feels a bit strange when you …


It was good to support another local restaurant today with a long overdue return to Xichlo for some fabulous Vietnamese food. Xichlo is a lovely friendly little cafe in the heart of Hornchurch town centre.

Haywards Restaurant

It gave me great pleasure that i was able to continue my support for the hospitality industry and even more so on saturday when I returned to visit my very good friends at Haywards in Epping. It was not only very nice to see everyone again but also to enjoy once more the amazing food …

Sauternes and Lemonade

A fabulous lunch at Core was finished with an absolutely fabulous sweet wine and dessert pairing. The wine chosen by head sommelier Gareth Ferr was a Chateau Rabaud-Promis 2011 Sauternes. It was a full bodied sweet wine with a lovely golden colour and flavours of exotic fruits This paired beautifully with the stunning and New …

The Top Oak

The Roast Beef at The Top Oak Gastro Pub Roast Rating. 7.8/10

The Top Oak

The Mixed Roast at The Top Oak Gastro Pub Roast Rating 7.9/10

The Top Oak

So glad to be able to show support to another local restaurant today as we made a return visit to the Top Oak gastro pub in stapleford abbots. On our previous occasions we’ve enjoyed a great sunday lunch and what we experienced today certainly lived up to our expectations. As we entered the pub you …